Alienating Experiments

Welcome to a strange experience !

In this fabulous zone you'll find some of my alienating experiments.
According to the Freedom of Disinformation Act, I have to
release the results of this former top secret research to the public.

Experiment I
Alien Music - MIDI from outer space
Experiment II
Caleidoscope - 2D Turing Machine
Experiment III
Munisum - Music in the Ones
Experiment IV
JAGOL - Just Another Game Of Life
Experiment V
WATOR - An Ecological Simulation
Experiment VI
HOPFRACT - A Hopalong Fractal Generator
Experiment VII
Elenyscope - A Caleidoscope with Elenytes images

The JAVA Applets has been developed with the JDK 1.1.5 and will run with compatible and up-to-date Browsers only!

Your comments, suggestions or bug-reports are welcome !